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The Twin Vision Performance Project

The theatre group consists of approximately thirty persons. They are of Nigerian, Ethiopian and Austrian nationalities and live in Vienna for a variety of reasons. 

Twin Vision Theatre was effectuated and  consummated from the course - "Interkulturelle Theaterarbeit/Intercultural Theater Work" - at the department of African Studies of the University of Vienna .

In a three-month-theater-laboratory, a performance is developed that documents and transforms the collisions of people from different countries of origins in Vienna now.

 Subjects of the performance are:

* the look/the glance, its cultural meanings, its power and powerlessness

* the projection

* the touch

* the boundaries of play and the means utilized

By employment of commenting, dis-arranging, questioning, contradicting blend-ins of picture and text materials the unspeakable in the performance will find its place: the absurd comedy, the invisible thought, the private personal. 

Starting points of this meeting are the absence of judging, the presence of respect, interest, curiosity in order to conquer a free-space to create NOW. NOW being the sense of presence (on stage, in everyday society life) and the present. In light of the uncertain futures of the individual performers this is a significant work foundation.

 During performance developement the question of the „pure look“ will be pursued and an unmasked meeting will be attempted within the given structures.

Art as connecting medium, as possibility to overstep societal norms, should create spaces in this context to open up for experimenting with meetings of the other.  

Is it possible to create a transcultural African/Austrian labyrinth of interpretation possibilities that transcend the Vienna of now?

By means of Augusto Boals „Esthetic of Oppression” and the resulting employment of experimental performative and scenic elements exactly this should be undertaken.