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Twin Vision Theatre is one of the Austria's theatres with a reputation for creating magical live performances. Its heritage is synonymous with excellence in all things theatrical, from acting and staging to costume.

The Twin Vision Theatre opened with much anticipation and to great acclaim in 2003.

Twin Vision Theatre creates outstanding classical productions for audiences around the vicinities of Austria and intends to expand its vision around the world. The emphasis of the theatre's programme is on one of the four parts of the Prometheus (“forethought”) project established by Augusto Boal, which is a Homage to the Titan (Greek mythology) who stole fire in the stalk of a fennel plant from Olympus (the gods) and gave it to mankind/mortals for their use; Zeus punished him by chaining him to a rock where an eagle gnawed at his liver until Hercules rescued him, and this project runs throughout the year. It’s quite interesting to watch! The Twin Vision Theatre Project also deals on the look/the glance, its cultural meanings, its power and powerlessness. The goal of the project is one of developing with groups, all imaginable aesthetic perception forms, and through it, creates an artistic work  that is tangible for all (especially  for the public). Twin Vision is restricted in its first project to "the view", "the vision".  Through the vision (or the view), persons expand the boundary of their perception and form pictures of themselves on others. The vision/view is the most powerful weapon against suppression. During the year the Twin Vision Theatre equally delivers outdoor promenade performances and organizes a great deal of other events and a great range of stuffs designed to add to the experience of visiting us, including Platform Events and Street Performances.


Twin Vision Theatre was founded by students of Intercultural Theatre Work at the department of African Studies of the University of Vienna in collaboration with non students from diverse nationalities during the summer of 2003. Birgit Fritz, the project coordinator, along with many others, were inspired and  encouraged to proceed with what many people believed was an impossible dream and have been effectively providing the nucleus of the Twin Vision Theatre projects.


The list of actors who have appeared at the Theatre reads like a theatrical 'Who's Who': among the long list of names are such as Alice Veronika Preihs, Ambachew Abate Dejene, Clio Seventeen, Denise Baldauf, Francis Okpata, George, Harry, Joachim Kapuy, Johanna Delago, John Williams Ezeh, Joseph Omoregbe, Judith Momo Schübl, Katharina Maria Hartl, Lena Hanusch, Marion Krop, Mosco Ani, Nanni Okpe, Osas Imafidon, Philip Amankwu, Regina Riebl, Santos Antonio, Selamakesatie, Silke M. Graf, Wole Oni.



 Birgit Fritz 



Chancellor F. Nzenwa



We would also like to thank: Birgit Fritz, Chancellor F. Nzenwa, Malachy Okafor Okenna, Sigrid Stroh, Bernhard Friedl, Barbara Windtner, Clara Eisler, Johanna Delago, Joseph Adun, Harry Obi, Osas Imafidon, Eva, Cecile, Bernhard Hackl, Korbinian, Chris, Schleicher, Evita, Ulli Auer, Institut Für Afrikanistik, Institut Für Internationale Entwicklung, Radio Afrika/Alexis Neuberg, Inter face, Theater Des Augenblicks, Walter Schicho, Ute Bock, Alba Kopie, Der Bagruie, and all our mothers!



Our other starting point is our duty to the local community - thanks to the support of the local authorities and arts funding system who contributes to the success of The Twin Vision Theatre. We believe that everyone should therefore have some benefit from the theatre. So we will work with our partners throughout the year on arts and various programmes throughout the region, putting the skills and talents of the theatre at service.

This plan is for our partners - artists, audiences, community partners and funders. We will continue to work with all partners to continue the 'new ideas, new functions, new thinking' throughout the course of this plan project.


Our vision is based on the following:

The Twin Vision Project is our passion; we would like to maintain its roots and reputation for continuous innovation, and create a global model of theatre without bias or prejudice.

Unity is an integral and cardinal quality for us - we will want all our plays, whether new or classic, to be led by passion. Our artists will make all our plays feel fresh and exciting. There should be no sense of déjà vu (already seen). Above all, theatre must not be boring or predictable.

Excellent theatre is like a roller coaster - thrilling, surprising, but enjoyable, because you feel you are in safe hands.

Over the next years, we need to build the trust and partnership with our prevailing communities  as well as  building a formidable love and harmony between people of diverse ethnic origins - we need to be as reliably exciting as Alton Towers. A roller coaster isn't fun if you really think you may die; theatre is only exciting if you trust us, trust our honesty, passion, taste - trust that it will be thrilling. You may disagree, which is a healthy part of the debate, but you won't be bored.

Part of that relationship of trust will be the growing together through the ensembles each year - audiences need to trust that they will share their evenings with extraordinary actors, that we will grow our own stars, as well as inviting artists who have established reputations. In the forthcoming years, we hope that everybody will have an idea of what a Twin Vision Theatre will be like - exciting, fresh, brilliant, surprising, hugely enjoyable, stimulating.

In the course of time we will invite the best international artists, both artists who live in Europe, Africa and beyond to come and make plays with us. We will have a team of Associate Artists to lead the making of some of our seasons, including a Season Designer, a Season Lighting Designer, Choreographer, Composer and Dramaturgy, as well as actors, musicians and theatre making staff. We hope that over the next years we can also include a writer in residence, students and young artists on placement, and become a centre for professional training as well as a centre for community members and young people to develop their theatre skills. Great theatre involves giving chances for everybody to stretch and develop their creative skills - the staff of the theatre, our Youth Theatre, the artists, and community members. Working together as a family, led by artists, gives us the chance truly to experiment and play - to be innovative and develop new ideas for the theatre, without which we all find ourselves living in a museum.

A friend of mine beautifully described the feelings of those first project seasons - and the great and innovative theatre they produced is still a powerful memory. If we can create a similar family feeling for all of playing together, we stand a chance of creating similarly great and innovative theatre that will eventually evolve into a global unity centre.

Chancellor F. Nzenwa