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The new performance of Twin Vision Theatre will be on the 17th of June 2005 at 20.00pm. 
Venue: Theater Des Augenblicks. 
Tickets reservation: +43-1-479 68 87




(28th of November 2005)

Coming up next is the exotic Performance of TWIN VISION THEATRE GROUP, MARCO ENEIDI and CELESTE                            on the 28th of November 2005!

Date: 28. 11. 2005

Time: 20:30 h

Venue: Hamburger Strasse 18, 1050 Wien


We are delighted to invite you to this wonderful Performance! Come and be entertained by the admixture of old/young but mature talents!!

Obviously, you will not regret your decision to attend!!!

More information can be found below by clicking the following links: and



(8th of December - 11th of December 2005)

TWIN VISION THEATRE is bound to make good any of its promises, just as we pledged in our web site, and this is indicated in the resolution of TWIN VISION THEATRE to invite renowned International Artists to come and play and work with us.

In a bid to implement such vow/pledge, TWIN VISION THEATRE has invited the famous SANJOY GANGULY of India  in one of our exclusive workshops which will be running from the 8th to the 11th of December 2005 (8 - 11 December).

We are inputting every effort to come up with a new thing and to ensure that we deliver a masterpiece at every given time.



(14th of December 2005)

On the 14th of December 2005 there will be an AFRICAN NIGHT which will be organized by BROT + ROSEN. The presence of  TWIN VISION THEATRE Members will be greatly felt in the arena.




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