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We have a vision

Individually it is a dream to achieve

It is like wonders of the fairy tale

Think about if the whole world could come together as one, probably with one culture, exchange, language etc.

How will it look like? Digest it personally

In short it will look like Heaven on Earth ‘paradise definitely’

For instance when twin vision colours (black and white) are mixed

Definitely it will be transformed into the most precious resource  - Golden Chocolate, sure!

Nevertheless, twin vision has come to set the pace

For us, even for our children yet unborn

To unite cultures through social gathering

And serve as an avenue to eradicate hatred, racism and isolation

To help in actualisation of sense of belonging

As well as living a life with conscience nurtured by truth

Most importantly to allow equity, peace and justice to reign

Despite your past and present situations

The dream targets at correcting those mistakes of our colonial masters

Who created and drew the boundaries of their own selfish interest

Neglecting the love of nature for the interest of mineral resources (it’s never late for a stitch in time saves mine)

Unity is a game you will never afford to miss

We are setting the target with love, despite that progress is already in motion

About to converge and deliver with endurance through safety and peace which answers all... is the goal

Not forgetting endurance, unity, peace, love and progress are the fruits of the spirit

Everybody is indispensable despite that all hands are not equal.

This moment all hands must be on deck to achieve these aims and objectives

In extension to helping hands from people to people

Twin vision is praying for our individual help morally and otherwise

So that we can transform and move the world forward, backward never. Think twice!

May the peace of our God Almighty which “passeth” love and understanding be and abide within us now and forever more, Amen.


Francis Okpata